General Information

Loan Periods and Material Limits

Loan Periods
Some New Fiction, Magazines, DVDs/Blu-ray, Test Books and Auto Repair Manuals            7 days
New Non-Fiction, New Large Print, DVD/Blu-ray TV Series, longer New Fiction, CDs, Hand-held Devices  14 days
Audiobooks and most other material  28 days

Material Limits
Fiction    Unlimited
Non-Fiction 4 per subject
Magazines 4 per titles; 10 in total
DVDs/Blu-Rays 7
CDs 7
Audiobooks 7 titles

We recommend that, whenever possible, you return materials in person. However, the Main Building, Commack and Kings Park Branches each have book drops that are accessible 24 hours a day. The book drop at the Nesconset Branch is accessible at all times except those overnight hours when adjacent Toner Park is closed to the public.

Extended Use Fees

An extended use fee may range from ten cents to ten dollars depending on the overdue item. Extended use fees never exceed one-half the cost of the item. A schedule of these fees appears below.

Any extended use fees for items past their due date will be applied to your circulation record. There will be no extended use fee for a closed holiday if the item is returned the first day the library reopens.

You will be alerted at the Circulation Desk if you have overdue items and/or unpaid extended use fees. Borrowing privileges will be suspended when a bill has been sent for overdue materials or more than $5.00 is owed to the library.

Type of Material Per Day Per Item Maximum Per Item
Books $ .10 $ 5.00
Test Books $ .10 $10.00
Magazines $ .10 $ 3.00
Audiobooks, CDs $ .10 $ 5.00
DVDs/Blu-Rays $1.00 $10.00
Hand-held Devices $5.00 $50.00

*The Library will only accept $20 bills or less when collecting payment for overdue fines.

Lost Or Damaged Materials

List price will be charged for items lost or damaged beyond repair.
Charges for lost or damaged audio-visual cases: 
DVD/Blu-ray  $5.00
Music CD  $3.00
Audio Books (1 - 12 discs)  $5.00
Audio Books (1 - 24 discs)  $6.00
Audio Books (1 - 40 discs)  $12.00
Audio Books - plastic inserts  $0.45
No refunds will be given. We do not accept replacement materials in lieu of fees.

Overdue Notices

As a courtesy, overdue notices will be sent when library material has been kept beyond its due date. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return library materials on time.


For circulating Smithtown Library materials, you may renew at any of our buildings as long as there are no holds (reserves) on the title.

·      7-day material may be renewed 6 times for  7 days each

·    14-day material may be renewed 6 times for 14 days each

·    28-day material may be renewed 6 times for 28 days each

You may also renew from any computer by accessing your patron record on our homepage, providing there are no holds (reserves) on the title, outstanding fines are less than $5.00 or your library card has not expired.